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This guide has tips to help you keep your identity safe online as a sex worker and shows you how to delete unwanted content from the internet. It does not include information about how to screen clients for in-person meetings. It is generally accepted that screening procedures should not be shared openly, as public access to this information can put the sex work community at risk. If you want information on screening, please get in touch with your local peer-run sex worker organisation.


This is the BIBLE of internet safety for modern sex workers. 

Over my years as a sex worker, I've made many mistakes online – from accidentally putting my personal phone number in an escort ad (major cringe) to having clients find my personal social media. I've had my Facebook hacked and my personal information posted on review forums....

So, when I say that I KNOW the stomach-sinking feeling of finding unwanted content online, trust me, I KNOW.

I've created this guide so that you don't have to make the same mistakes. We'll cover digital hygiene 101 and then I'll show you how to delete unwanted content from the net, step-by-step, so you can start cleaning up your act!

THE deets

36-page guide crammed with tips on how to maintain your privacy and safety online, written by a sex worker with YEARS of experience

Foolproof instructions for removing unwanted content from Google

Easy step-by-step instructions for ABN suppression for Australian sex workers, including a template for your stat dec

Beautifully designed .PDF for an easy, comprehensible read

THE Features


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The Ultimate Guide to Internet Safety for Sex Workers

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