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There is one downside to sex work that often doesn't get discussed: The fluctuating and sometimes completely unpredictable income.

I've been navigating the troubles of having a fluctuating income for many years now. And even though my income still fluctuates today (it's the name of the sex work game), I rarely get stressed about my finances anymore.

Why? Because I have implemented a financial system that helps me hit my goals, even when work is slow. And I want to share this system with YOU.

This guide will walk you through my complete easy-to-follow money management system so that you can plan AND hit your financial goals!

THE deets

32-page money management guide created FOR sex workers BY a sex worker

Includes 3 pre-made spreadsheets with simple instructions and automatic formulas to help you to create a budget, construct an earnings plan, and track your finances as a sex worker

Easy step-by-step instructions for overcoming your struggle with a fluctuating income

Spreadsheets compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and Apple Numbers

THE Features


$25 AUD

Money Management for Sex Workers

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