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Let’s be honest: responding to clients is sucking up WAY too much of your time. Not to mention all those enquiries you get that you ignore because you have NO clue how to respond. No one ever told you that being a sex worker ALSO meant being your own customer service representative...

Take these email and text templates, sprinkle some of your own glitter on them, and start saving hours upon hours each day (not to mention, imagine how good it would feel to hit “send” with confidence)! 

THE deets

Includes 18 pre-made email and text message responses professionally written by a sex worker with 9 years of experience.

Covers LOADS of topics – everything from how to gracefully respond to hagglers all the way to preparing your clients right before their booking and MUCH more!

Formatted in an easy-to-navigate .PDF file so that you can copy and paste in SECONDS.

Improves client experience while saving you HEAPS of time.

THE Features


$20 AUD

Text & Email Templates for Escorts

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